HVAC and Ducting

Ducts of any shape and type for 3D space reservation and for detailed construction data output.

CADMATIC has an HVAC and ducting module for efficient 3D modelling and extraction of drawings and lists. The designer can simply concentrate on routing ducts while the system ensures that the correct components are used every time. This has been achieved with the aid of specification-driven routing, as well as automatically generated HVAC spools and Bills of Materials (BOMs).

The design of air ducts is based on specifications that consist of design rules. This ensures that the correct materials are selected according to the size-related duct part design rules, such as duct parts and curve radiuses, insulation materials and additional parts like pins. It is possible to change the specification during duct routing, regenerate parts according to the ducting specification and see insulation in the 3D model to take advantage of space reservation and collision detection.

The Ducting Spool module automatically produces dimensioned prefabrication documents that can be generated in groups according to the logistical hierarchies inherited from CADMATIC containment management.