CADMATIC Draw - 2D drafting module

The Intuitive software that covers all your drafting needs.

We offer you a flexible and cost-efficient alternative for 2D drafting. CADMATIC Draw covers all standard functions needed to create and edit drawings. The various drawing and editing commands are similar to those used in other software packages. This makes it intuitively easy to use and enables use without training requirements. 

The tool is suitable for editing any type and size of drawing: 2D, 3D, originating from any software package and supporting a broad range of file formats. Genuine compatibility unlocks efficient use of old CAD archives and enhances collaboration between project parties. Common templates and user symbol libraries in multi-user environments ensure high quality output documentation and easy-to-manage project teamwork.

Complement CADMATIC 3D Plant Design package with an easy-to-use 2D editor – CADMATIC Draw

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Compatible software enables seamless collaboration

CADMATIC Draw is compatible with most common formats and also supports 2D and 3D drawings. Not only does the genuine compatibility allow you to benefit from archived CAD drawings, but you can also rely on seamless co-operation between all parties involved in the project. CADMATIC also offers the possibility for user-specific modifications and integrations.

Efficient to use – gives you time to do more

CADMATIC Draw is a complete CAD software package that serves all your design needs. Thanks to the intuitiveness of the software, you can focus on important tasks while the software takes care of the rest. The intuitive functionalities guarantee that you can start a new project in minutes, and the versatile and standardized functions ensure that your design work is always as effective as it can be.