3D Plant Design

Intelligent and specification-driven software speeds up and eases design work while reducing errors

3D Plant Design empowers you to increase business efficiency and maximize quality. It reduces engineering errors, shortens project lead times, improves the efficiency of change management, and enhances information accessibility, regardless of where the design teams are located or how big the 3D models are.

3D Model and Layout

CADMATIC Plant Design lets users concentrate on important tasks: creating equipment layouts, routing pipes and ducts, locating structural units, allocating service spaces and completing projects by laying electric cables.

At the same time, the software takes care of the rest: controlling collisions and indicating connections according to diagrams, storing units for further use and checking the compatibility of components. Documents can be extracted and various drawings and sketches can be generated at any point during the project. Similarly, project follow-up data in the eShare server, mobile FollowApp, and eBrowser models for project reviews can be exported at any time.

Key facts:

  • 3D layout alongside piping, HVAC, cable tray, electrical and structural design
  • Easy to create and modify 3D parametric components
  • Parametric 3D models with service space reservation and a possibility to edit directly in 3D
  • Online and case-based clash detection
  • Extensive libraries of standards and components
  • Concurrent and unlimited multiuser environment
  • Replication of projects for effective use of resources in globally distributed environments

Structural Modeling

Predefined structural units allow the easy creation of constructions that are used repeatedly. Designers can set the types and standards of the units such as platforms, walkways, cages, and ladders, for example, and then place them in the model.

All the required construction data can be extracted automatically, including MTOs, construction drawings, and others.

Read more about using the central eShare portal for sharing all project data across all project phases.

Key facts:

  • Easy to create and modify constructions in 3D model
  • Fully integrated with piping and other disciplines
  • Specification-driven beam tools
  • Templates for the most used structural units
  • Customizable foundations
  • Complete data for the Construction phase

CADMATIC Plant design software — Structural modelling

Piping Design

When doing piping design in CADMATIC, the designer can rest assured that the correct components from the standards library are being used. By taking advantage of the suggested connection points according to the diagram, order or piping elements and online collision, error-free piping design can be achieved.

An extensive library of standard piping components (DIN, ANSI, ASME, EN and others) is supplied with each software update. The piping design modification tools provide the possibility to change the pipe routing geometry, the nominal sizes of pipes and separate components or attributes on a fly. Pipe connection compatibility checks are performed automatically to prevent errors in construction.

Key facts:

  • Easy to create and modify in 3D or 2D views
  • Extensive library of standard components
  • Specification-driven
  • Integrated with P&IDs to ensure consistency
  • Online collision control while routing