Take your business decisions to a new level – accurate and up-to-date project progress with FollowApp for your mobile.

Reduce the uncertainty of new project time and cost estimation by having legacy data of previous projects metrics. Essential project metrics of ongoing and past projects are now conveniently on your mobile phone.

CADMATIC FollowApp allows stakeholders of CADMATIC design projects to view various project metrics conveniently from their phone. These metrics, which include for example the total length of pipes, total mass of pipes and pipe fittings, and number of pipelines, are automatically uploaded at scheduled times from CADMATIC Plant or CADMATIC Outfitting projects.

The metrics are stored in a cloud service provided by CADMATIC. Publishing requires a valid CADMATIC Plant or CADMATIC Outfitting license. Actual design data is not published, and only authenticated users can access the service. System Administrators can control who is allowed to use the app to access the metrics of a specific design project.

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