eShare during Plant Life Cycle

The ultimate asset management tool for industrial investments.

eShare optimizes all processes over the entire life cycles of industrial investments: from engineering and construction all the way through to plant operation and maintenance.

Benefit from using the same tool to manage information across all project phases. The digital twin of the facility takes shape with engineering information. This is augmented with information related to the construction phase of the plant and finally completed with operational and maintenance information for the duration of the investment life cycle.


From FEED phase to detailed engineering and field engineering – consolidate 3D and 2D engineering documentation and manage changes in eShare.


Link procurement specifications and progress reports with the 3D model.


Storing equipment certification and test pack information from suppliers and updating information with engineering data and construction status and comments.


Link on-site online data and engineering project information. Visualize any operational data of the plant in 3D for seamless and quick evaluation


Integration of engineering 3D model and maintenance management (MMS) and ERP systems.


Combining 3D models with as-operating laser scan information and tracing the dismantling status.