PLC and automation systems

Define the I/O structure and card channel connections in the database and use the initial data obtained from the schemas. Two-way transfer of information guarantees the accuracy of information both in the database and in the drawing (circuit schemas, cabinet layouts, factory layouts).

In CADMATIC Electrical, you can manage the automation system’s I/Os in the database. You can specify the system configuration; the racks, I/O cards, connection boards etc. as well as the input/output-specific connections are managed either in the database, from which the data is echoed into the schemas, or vice versa.

Set the design rhythm based on the project’s needs

Set up the inputs and outputs on the schema or layout drawing without addresses, and then you can complete the field design before even choosing the system. The inputs and outputs without an address get the channels given to them in the database, and this information is automatically relayed into the schemas. This reduces the possibility of errors, and you can set the design rhythm based on the project’s needs.

I/Os are imported into CADMATIC Electrical in Excel format

The I/Os can be imported into CADMATIC Electrical in Excel format. This means that the specifications made outside the system can be transferred into the design system quickly and easily. If necessary, you can also export the desired I/O data into an Excel file, in which case it can be conveniently transferred into an external environment, such as an automation system or design with PLC software.