Manufacturing switchboards and distribution boards

CADMATIC Electrical offers a centralised solution for the CAD needs of switchboard and distribution board manufacturers. One product meets all needs.

In CADMATIC Electrical, you always use the natural measurements to design the configuration of enclosures, distribution boards, control panels and switchboards. In this way, you ensure that the configuration will also work in reality.

IDs and device information

You can get the IDs and device information directly from the project database, or you can import them directly into the database in Excel format, for example. You can also set up devices in the database, if they have not previously been set up in the project. You can place the devices in a switchboard or an enclosure into the assembly model by ID from the project tree. In the project tree, you can also see which devices have/have not been placed on the distribution board.

Use the information in the database

If you use product models, you can place devices and equipment directly into the cabinet layout, either as ready-made 2D/3D models or as product models given with size information.

You can also make changes in the cabinet layout, and they will be relayed to the rest of the project with centralised data management. For example, you can change a device ID, and the change will be relayed to all occurrences in the project. And if you place terminal strips in a distribution board, the terminal strip numbering reacts to the changes in the design.