Control the process data of instrument circuits and devices with standardised additional information. The connection between the database and the drawings ensures that the schemas are up to date. Circuit schemas can be generated using the circuit data in the database or an Excel file.

CADMATIC Electrical also acts as a versatile instrumentation and automation design tool. It has its own database module for the needs of instrumentation design.

With the help of the Electrical's database’s open interfaces as well as the relations of the database and the drawing files, managing the instrumentation circuits and the device information and changes is easy and effective. The relations reduce the possibility of errors in both the design and editing. With unlimited additional information, you can manage information related to the process that standard solutions have not taken into account or that the client may require. You can also easily attach this information to the documentation, such as the schemas and lists.

Extended circuit and device information management

In the CADMATIC Electrical database, you can use additional information in instrumentation to extend device- and circuit-specific information with process and system information. If necessary, this data can also be echoed to schemas and reports.

Excel as CADMATIC Electrical’s partner

With CADMATIC Electrical’s smart import function, you can import circuits and devices as Excel files. This allows you to import the device and process information of hundreds of circuits into the project in a few seconds. You can also use the same function to export the project information into an Excel file, such as when third parties need to edit it. The edited information can then be returned to CADMATIC Electrical intelligently with the same import function, and the user notices the changed codes thanks to colour-coding.

Generating circuits based on the database or an Excel file

You can specify model drawings for the circuits in the database and generate schemas according to the initial data given. You can also use the model drawings to generate schemas directly from an Excel file.

Generating schematics from Excel and template files