Design and information management solutions for power industry projects.

P&I Software solutions

Design of large and small power plants and nuclear power plants require special attention to industry standards. Design errors and deficiencies can lead to costly overruns and delay plant startup for years in worst-case scenarios. Key considerations are getting power plants designed and built exactly to industry requirements, starting them up on time and operating them safely and at the performance levels required. 

Many of the main power plant type designs have been successfully completed in Cadmatic. Cadmatic solutions for power plant design produce accurate design data for the construction and assembly phases as well as easy-to-use tools for reviewing and discussing project solutions. Cadmatic has efficient tools for creating platform structures and support for piping, accurate tracing of cables and creating reports of required cable per type. The seamless software administration allows for more efficient use of company resources.

All these applications have proven efficiency and have delivered the shortest ROI time in many completed power industry projects around the globe.

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