Digital twin for Engineering, Procurement and Construction

CADMATIC eShare is the central web hub of all project information for every stage of the project lifecycle. It minimizes overruns and supports the delivery of more successful EPC projects.

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Key benefits

  • Reduce costly errors by improving communication between project stakeholders
  • Save time and money by making better daily decisions about project activities due to easily accessible information 
  • Avoid overruns in timelines and budgets by visualizing work packages in critical paths
  • Enable people to collaborate within a single platform instead of a handoff scenario between design and engineering

Information-rich 3D model as window to any project data is the key to successful EPC projects 

CADMATIC eShare – the digital twin for projects – is the software solution for integrating and visualizing engineering, procurement and construction data. Users can follow engineering processes, monitor constructability, material availability and construction processes, optimize change management and support decision-making. eShare delivers instant understanding by finding and visualizing information in different ways.

Digital twin as support for EPC projects

Make better everyday project decisions, on time

  • Use 3D model as discussion board to compare, comment on and review design changes 
  • Combine 3D models from various formats (PDS®, PDMS®, S3D®, CADMATIC, DWG®, IFC®, etc.) and laser scans of the facility 
  • Flow check in processes is 5 times faster with automatic color-based links between P&IDs and the 3D model 
  • Project review and access to engineering data on site with eGo on mobile tablet and use it to add pictures and comments from the construction site visit

Better quality by combining and visualizing data from different sources

  •  Complete control of engineering data and standardized way of accessing data from different systems 
  • Categorization based on e.g. the stress calculation of pipelines 
  • Access information directly and automatically in 3D interface without need to use other systems or check documents

Make construction a success with eShare

  • Integration with feasibility data and constructability analysis combines data for: 
    • Prefabrication analysis 
    • Site warehouse management 
    • Progress monitoring of construction and prefabrication process and stages 
  • Use modern technology and align 3D digital data with existing environment in AR/VR/ MR HoloLens®

Software demos

One window to all project related data

Linked 3D model and 2D drawings provide a unique experience in eShare

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