Engineering Companies

P&I Software solutions

CADMATIC plant design software is based on a deep understanding of our engineering clients’ requirements. The result is software that is practical and highly intuitive. It allows designers to focus on design while CADMATIC automates and does the rest. This not only saves design hours but also improves design accuracy. Engineering companies report a minimum of +20% performance improvements in their engineering projects with the use of CADMATIC. Despite the powerful functionality, new designers can learn and start working with the software in 2-5 days.

Integrated initial, basic and detail design & seamless generation of construction data

The integrated and user-friendly tools are guaranteed to shorten project lead-times. CADMATIC facilitates early structural and layout design and provides powerful specification-driven tools for piping, HVAC, supports, cable trays and electrical cable design. Construction information and documentation is effortlessly generated for simplified installation and assembly.

Easily distribute concurrent design work to remote sites

CADMATIC has the most efficient project distribution system on the market. It ensures seamless internet-based and offline sharing of complete access to 3D project and management of concurrent design regardless of location. Engineering teams from across the world can be added and start working on a design project in minutes.
Read more about distributed design here.

Boost project collaboration and communication

CADMATIC software has been designed to be as open as possible, to allow smooth cooperation, integration, and interfacing with other technology suppliers and software systems. Engineering companies can streamline and optimize project review and communication with CADMATIC’s powerful information management tools. Project information can be effortlessly shared with all project parties at all stages of the project more efficiently than ever before with our web-based information sharing portal eShare.

A variety of customers from different industries use CADMATIC. See our references for application in all engineering project phases.

Customize software to your needs

The software has been divided into several modules, which makes it easier to master is highly customizable and can be integrated with other design packages. It runs on standard PCs and networks, so no special hardware investments are required. See our detailed system requirements for more information.