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Digital twins for managing engineering and construction projects and virtual assets

Digital twins can be applied in engineering & construction resulting in more successful projects and lower CAPEX. The use of digital twins for operation & maintenance leads to better asset performance and safer production facilities with lower OPEX.

Explore CADMATIC’s webinar Data flows in EPC projects to learn how digital twins can improve EPC project outcomes through more effective communication and collaboration between stakeholders.

A picture may be worth a thousand words – but an interactive 3D dashboard answers thousands of questions. Explore how a digital twin can support the construction phase.

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At CADMATIC, we understand that data has immense value in investment and maintenance projects. It is essential that decisions are based on trustworthy and transparent information to ensure that goals related to boosting production, improving safety, and minimizing risks are achieved. For this reason, we minimize manual data handling throughout the entire investment project lifecycle to cut costs and eliminate errors.

Projects are becoming increasingly complex and challenging due to the increased number of stakeholders. The constant aspiration towards higher quality, shorter schedules, and lower budgets is contrasted by the reduced resources that are available to manage projects. EPC companies report that 80% of projects are plagued by cost and schedule overruns. In other words, these projects fail.

We believe that project success relies heavily on how we can improve communication between different project stakeholders. Our digital twin solutions are designed to assist you to keep projects within agreed schedules and budgets.

Digital twins for engineering, construction, and operation

In our digital twin solutions, information is easily accessible and based on quality data. Data quality, consistency, and interconnectivity, as well as the maximized automation of data handling are key factors in unlocking greater efficiency, increasing productivity, and boosting profitability.

A digital twin requires a software platform in addition to hardware storage facilities. It can store and merge 3D models in various CAD formats and effectively integrate data from other systems, such as PDM, PLM, ERP, and MES. It provides users access to all this data using the latest advanced visualization technology and by extracting the required data on demand.

The digital twin is created long before the physical asset is even built.

In an investment project, the digital twin is created long before the physical asset is even built. It starts during the engineering phase, after which it is expanded and used also during the construction and operational phases of the plant.

During construction, the digital twin can be used, for example, to verify the constructability of piping while it can also be applied for simulations and the training of operational and maintenance personnel before actual plant startup, which brings the facility into operation earlier. During the operational phase, the digital twin ensures, for example, that inspection and maintenance data can be instantly visualized alongside other project data in a single access portal.

The digital twin combines information stored in different systems: It represents the single source of truth and prevents silos of disconnected information.

eShare: Avoid budget overruns with a digital twin – run projects efficiently

Implementing a digital twin does not have to be overly complex and costly. The CADMATIC eShare platform provides companies with the flexibility to implement digital twins incrementally according to their needs.

It is the missing link between design, construction, and operational processes. CADMATIC eShare efficiently integrates, visualizes, and shares engineering, design, construction and operation information in a web portal. In eShare, the design information model is used as the communication interface between procurement and construction and later between management and operational personnel. It allows all stakeholders to access and understand project data and ensures correct decision-making.

eShare can read information-rich 3D-design models from different sources and automatically link to other systems such as project management, construction sequences, material stocks, and project management.

eShare for EPC projects

eShare is an integrated cross-platform visualization solution for all engineering, procurement, and construction data. It can be used to access all project data including PDM/PLM, procurement, construction analysis and tracking, or ERP. By integrating and visualizing information, key project metrics can be monitored in real time. Read more about eShare for EPC projects

eShare for owners and operators

Share is the ideal platform to create a digital twin of industrial facilities – a single window to all facility-related data. Integrate the 3D model, engineering data, 3D captured data from laser scans, as well as the plant’s operational and maintenance data. Find, visualize and share project and asset information in a single, independent, and easily accessible web portal. Read more about eShare for owners and operators.

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