Use Cases


Design quality and keeping to schedules are the most important objectives in the engineering phase. 

CADMATIC software was developed, in particular, to ease designers’ work and increase their efficiency. Ease of use, increased design automation, specification-driven material selection, as well as automatic functions such as collision detection speed up the engineering process.  Correct material choices and error free 3D-modelling increase design quality and reduce rework


Purchasing is the cornerstone of the construction phase. Material information is available from the 3D model early on, which extends the purchasing period and enables buyers to benefit more from competing offers. Error-free material information reduces the need for excess material and cuts material procurement costs significantly.


During construction the validity and availability of technical information are crucial in ensuring project success.

CADMATIC solutions effectively share online information from design to manufacturing and installation. By generating information that supports manufacturing the manufacturing process is sped up. The coordination of installation work and project management is also simplified. With more accurate information construction phase errors are limited, thereby reducing the investment cost.

Information management and project review

Good communication and effective information sharing between all project parties are key success factors in industrial investments.
CADMATIC's sophisticated tools and functionality ease sharing and reviewing of information between project participants. CADMATIC ensures that the right information is accessible at the right time and place, thereby reducing misunderstandings and costly errors. This also improves project decision-making and management.


The operational lifespan of a production plant is often long and many revamp and modernization projects can be realized during its lifecycle.
By utilizing modern laser scanning tools accurate point cloud geometries can be produced and imported into 3D models for use as design references. This allows for greater prefabrication of process parts and ensures that process elements fit perfectly. It shortens the revamp design process, improves quality and reduces production downtimes significantly.

Front end engineering

CADMATIC produces early design / predesign information to support investment decision making. This includes main process diagrams, pre-layouts of main process units and visualizations. 

Good pre-engineering information minimizes risks and lays the foundation for solid decision-making. This front end engineering data can be used later in detail engineering and thus speed up the construction process.

Maintenance/operations/asset management

Engineering data such as 3D review models and documents can be utilized in the production phase of the plant. CADMATIC eShare allows users to share and manage information via a clear 3D visualization model with automatically integrated technical drawings and maintenance information.

The software can be linked to various production and automation systems and display on-line information in an easy-to-use visual plant model. It can, for example, be used by maintenance staff to visually illustrate the following week’s maintenance targets.

Safety issues

In plant operation safety is of paramount importance. Plant users can benefit from plant visualizations to visualize risk categorizations required during operation. 

Before actual maintenance is conducted the isolation status of maintained process parts can also be visualized. Clear color coding illustrates when work can be done safely and where the accident risk has been reduced. The 3D virtual model can be utilized to train operational personnel in safety related issues.

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