Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd

Already a CADMATIC user since 2009, NPCIL has increased its number of CADMATIC licenses and upgraded to the latest version.

NPCIL is currently finishing nuclear power plant units 3 and 4 in Kakrapar, Gujarat where each unit will have the capacity to produce 700 MWe of electricity. Combined with units 1 and 2 the plant will have a total capacity of 1840 MWe. Construction will be completed by mid-2016 and the units will become operational by the end of 2016.

Around 100 CADMATIC licenses are being used by NPCIL and its subcontractors to complete the project, which is massive in terms of the physical size of the area, pipelines, equipment, HVAC, cable trays, etc. Close cooperation between NPCIL and CADMATIC’s local technical and development teams has kept the project on schedule despite demanding requirements and several project changes. NPCIL’s next project with CADMATIC is the GHAVP-project, which will be started during the summer of 2015. It will include even more extensive use of CADMATIC design applications and the eShare information management solution.

The foundation stone of the 2800 Megawatt Gorakhpur Haryana Anu Vidyut Pariyojana nuclear power plant (HAVP) in the Gorakhpur Village of the Fatehabad district of Haryna, was laid in January 2014. The 1st phase will see the commissioning of two units producing 1400 MW of electricity and will be completed by 2020–21. The second phase will double the capacity to the full 2800 MWe.

India is capable of producing 4800 MW power and in the coming 10 years will have the ability to produce more than 27,000 MW of electricity.

CADMATIC is a proud partner of NPCIL in its quest to provide India with safe and reliable sources of energy for its growing population and economy.


Jukka Rantala, President of CADMATIC, is enthusiastic about the developments in the Indian market.

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