Finnish Consulting Group a CADMATIC user since 1987

FCG was one of CADMATIC’s first external clients and started using the so-called CADMATIC Plant Modelling System already back in 1987, giving it practically 30 years’ experience of using the software in water and environmental engineering.

FCG is a leading water, sanitation and environmental consulting company that provides services in infrastructure, environmental and urban design, in multidisciplinary training and in developing public services. The company’s clients represent a broad range of private and public sector organisations. In 2015 the FCG’s turnover was approximately 71 million euros. 

FCG has used CADMATIC for the design of a wide range of demanding wastewater treatment plant projects since the 1980s, both locally and Finland and abroad. One of the most impressive projects is the massive Southwest wastewater treatment plant in St. Petersburg

The plant covers an area of 1.5km + 0,5km and the investment project was valued at 175 M€. In total 44,000 hours of design work was done, including process design, piping, machinery, and HVAC design. 

The plant processes the waste of 750,000 residents of St. Petersburg and significantly reduces the degree of pollution in the Baltic Sea. 


The Southwest wastewater treatment plant in St. Petersburg is one of the biggest in the world and treats the waste of 750,000 inhabitants of the city.


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