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Polish Engineering and Services Company (ES company)

Polish Engineering and Services Company ES (Company ES) is an engineering and consulting office that provides comprehensive services for the oil industry, especially for oil refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants and oil companies. The company has also broadened its scope to support foodstuff industry clients.

Company ES used CADMATIC to complete the design of a petroleum-product-handling transhipment terminal for Lotos SA. ES Company uses AutoCAD, Microsoft software and CADMATIC for documentation preparation and its own software for pressure vessel and storage tank calculations. All of these programs operate according to UDT, AD-Merkblat, DIN, ANSI, API as well as British and American Standards and PN codes.

In 2010 ES signed a contract with Gdann´sk-based Projmors, for the design of a petroleum-product-handling transhipment terminal at Marta Wisla, for Lotos SA. Projmors specializes in marine engineering and ES conducted part of the technical design. According to ES President, Janusz Kosarzycki, the design task was very demanding as it included pipelines for 11 different products such as asphalt, xylene, base oils and naftowax. The task was further complicated by the fact the Gdann´sk refinery covers a vast area and different products are stored at various locations, which often extend the pipeline route to 1.5 km.

Pipeline covers almost half of the transhipment plant area

“One could say that the newly designed pipeline network covers almost half of the plant and meets in one place, the waterfront, where the Marta Wisla products will be dispatched to customers. In a project such as this there is an increased danger of collisions, which could delay construction and force designers to look for new solutions. In order to avoid this we decided to model the areas through which the pipes are routed in 3D. With the aid of the model the design can be checked in virtual reality, thereby removing any obstacles and also optimizing the pipe routing.” explains Mr Kosarzycki.

To achieve this goal ES decided to use CADMATIC software, which had previously been used by the company on smaller projects, such as the piping for the installation of a methyl ester plant for Bioagra in Tychy, or downstream handling of petroleum products in a few different plants in Poland. After becoming familiar with CADMATIC, the ES designers were ready to use it on the more demanding transhipment terminal design.

“The first task was to model the existing facilities such as roads, flyovers, drifts, pumping stations and tank farms etc. Then we did an inventory of the existing pipelines. Once the foundations were in place we started designing the new pipeline and newly designed facilities.” Mr Kosarzycki continues.

Efficient project review with CADMATIC eBrowser

The CADMATIC eBrowser model was used for design reviews with Lotus representatives where they checked and approved individual parts of the project.

“The eBrowser tool allows the investor to monitor the proposed routes of the pipelines and after some adjustments, to accept them and the implementation of the project. By implementation acceptance we generally mean the editing of documentation. The CADMATIC software makes this a relatively simple task as it precisely executes documentation such as lay-out drawings, the typical cross sections, isometric drawings as well as the crucial bill of quantity for individual and collective lines. The eBrowser markedly sped up the project review process and completion phase arrangements. We were closely assisted by PBSP, the CADMATIC reseller in Poland, with installations and problem solving.” Mr Kosarzycki concludes.
ES Company

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