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Chalmers LLC, UAE implements CADMATIC (Plant)

In October 2013 Chalmers selected CADMATIC for their 3D modelling purposes after a thorough consultation process. Immediately after start-up they used CADMATIC to successfully design two identical LQ modules for an ongoing project. They have been particularly impressed with CADMATIC's ability to ensure clash-free design work.

Established in 1977 in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Chalmers is active throughout Central and South Asia, the African continent and the Arabian Peninsula, with design, engineering, logistical and workshop facilities in the UAE, and offices in Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and India.

Chalmers is a highly diversified engineering and trading organisation, with a significant involvement in, but not limited to, the marine and offshore industry.

Chalmers specializes in providing turnkey solutions for accommodation outfitting, including all associated electronic, electrical, air conditioning, refrigeration and plumbing activities and has over 35 years of unrivalled experience in newbuild outfitting, major conversions and renewal and refurbishing of accommodation on-board offshore platforms and vessels of all kinds.

At Chalmers all design, engineering, fabrication and installation is generated in-house with a team of around 1,000 employees. This means that the coordination of all activities, from design to handover, remains under their command and control.

Increased construction complexity and client expectations

Being a turnkey living quarters (LQ) contractor, co-ordination of all services was always a challenge and with increased construction complexities and client expectations, the need for 3D modelling was evident.

Chalmers selected CADMATIC in 2013 after considerable deliberation. The software's ease of handling architectural components was a major plus point in this regard.

Modelling LQ modules with CADMATIC

After installation Chalmers designers, with the guidance of the CADMATIC support team, took up the challenge of modelling two identical LQ modules for an ongoing project. Chalmers had to carry out the modelling of steel, HVAC, E&I, piping items and also wanted to test CADMATIC for architectural items such as partitions, ceilings, insulation, furniture and equipment.

The strategy was to do the first module in 2D and transport it to CADMATIC to check its compatibility, while the second module was done totally in CADMATIC. Subsequently from the CADMATIC model, 2D drawings were generated for construction and were found to be suitable and clash free. Despite some initial challenges Chalmers was successful in meeting their end goal.

According to Chalmers CADMATIC assisted them to solve several clashes which went unnoticed in the first module 2D layouts.

In the second phase of testing MTOs were checked for architectural items, the quality of the 2D production drawings, spool drawings and various tagging requirements, which also proved effective.

Custom libraries speed up modelling

To speed up the 3D modelling process, Chalmers have created custom libraries of architectural components. Wall panels, ceilings, joinery profiles, toilet modules, doors, windows, floor materials, skirting, furniture items and various equipment types can be readily inserted into the model and located as per the GA plans.

The components can also be easily customized to suit new project specifications. Apart from architectural components, Chalmers have custom made standard components of spiral ducting, pvc sanitary piping, cable trays, cable ladders and fittings built as per dimensions provided by its suppliers.

At Chalmers detailed 3D modelling in CADMATIC offers a number of advantages. Chalmers can…

  • Ensure that the design is clash free and thereby reduce reworking
  • Generate of high quality 2D layouts and detail drawings
  • Generate of accurate bills of materials for all project materials
  • Sharing 3D design with site personnel using eBrowser
  • Ease change management
  • Work from multiple locations using CADMATIC co-designer
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