3D Chemoprag A.S.

3D Chemoprag A.S.

3D Chemoprag, the global dry laundry design specialist, has gained vast expertise in standard P&G dry laundry design over the last 22 years. It has supported the successful project delivery of more than 33 P&G sites globally.

The company’s main customers over recent years have been P&G world-wide and Wrigley / Mars. 3D Chemoprag has expanded its activities abroad in the Czech Republic and has an office in Bratislava, Slovakia. In both locations CADMATIC is used as a design tool and CoDesigner is used to facilitate joint projects.

CADMATIC's Peter Szokody, who was in charge of software training and implementation for Chemoprag recalls that they started in 2010 with two training sessions of 5 days (5 days for basic user training and 5 days for administration training: parts and specifications and document management). At the same time the IT administrator was trained with regards IT elements.

After the training period the first project was started without delay and the software has been used since that first project without any difficulties related to software performance or administration. Some years ago Chemoprag started cooperating with a Bratislava-based company to use CADMATIC's worldwide engineering solution. This enabled smooth coordination of project work between the two offices located in different countries.

According to Mr. Jan Machácek from Chemoprag CADMATIC offered a more efficient system than the one they had used previously

“Originally we used other CAD software, but we were not satisfied with it as it required a dedicated administrator to handle settings and output. We needed technical support and assistance all the time, even during printing of pipe plans, which was not an optimal way of working. CADMATIC is much more user-friendly from this point of view. It is also exactly sized for the number of pipe lines and type of work we are doing. From a cost perspective there is a good balance between the price and the service received – we are very satisfied with the CADMATIC software." says Mr. Jan Machácek from Chemoprag.

Mr. Machácek also highlights the importance of being able to easily convert AutoCAD files used for project equipment to and from CADMATIC . Chemoprag has found the CADMATIC eXchanger to be an ideal tool for this purpose.

3D Chemoprag A.S.
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