STC Power, a happy CADMATIC user for 10 years

Founded in 1981, STC Power is a leading manufacturer of waste heat recovery and energy production from conventional and renewable sources. The company is located in Forlì, Italy, where approximately 10 years ago it started working with CADMATIC software for the first time.

At the time, the software was purchased for 3D modelling and process and instrumentation (P&I) diagrams to design mechanical parts like piping, supports etc. Mr. Fantini, Technical Manager at STC Power, is very enthusiastic about the software and a very happy user. According to Mr. Fantini the main reason STC Power started using CADMATIC software was to reduce errors during the construction phase by designing with a common database. Choosing CADMATIC had a positive effect on their working method.

Designing is a precise process in which companies want to avoid modifications and extra costs during the erection phase. STC Power has achieved this by using CADMATIC software. Mr. Fantini sees large advantages, for example, when using the eBrowser: “…by using the eBrowser, the dialogue between the office and the site is improved, not only during the construction phase, but also during the commissioning and startup”. STC Power plans to test the Cable Router functionality in the future, “but the main objective is to share the same work ambient with more vendors and customers”, Mr. Fantini concludes.

At the moment, STC Power is in the commissioning phase of a 15 MWe Enel Green Power Biomass power plant in Italy as well as a 150 MWe IPP GT combined cycle power plant in Israel. Just like its other projects, both power plants are being designed with CADMATIC.