CADMATIC lays groundwork for a student’s future

Dalian Maritime University is one of the most famous maritime universities in China with a history of 105 years. It is located in Dalian, a city from the north of China. 3D digitalized shipbuilding is the main reason for the university to choose CADMATIC. From the ship design to the production design, CADMATIC realized all digitalized process. The automated structural topology and user-friendly interface made the university decide to replace their previous educational software.

Linfang Su, the teacher from marine and offshore program, indicated that CADMATIC motivated students in studying and researching.  With the help of a complete and clear picture of a ship structure, CADMATIC enables students to reconstruct concepts from books.  She said: "CADMATIC includes the whole procedure from the 3D modelling, production design to 3D drafting, which enables students to have a more complete image about the industry."

LONG REN and XIANGYONG SHEN, students from the marine and offshore program, shared their opinions about CADMATIC.  The 2D drafting to 3D modelling and the 3D modelling parametric design left a first strong impression on them. CADMATIC makes the theoretical knowledge more concrete and enables a more direct visualization of a ship structure. LONG REN emphasized that CADMATIC realized the 360 visualization when he was designing a bulkhead. XIAOYONG SHEN was satisfied with CADMATIC’s 3D modelling without requiring a large number of parameters. Referring to the value of providing Chinese university students with educational software, these two students also gave their opinions. The idea of marine design is different between Europe and China. CADMATIC shows the scientific preciseness. For students  with intentions to work in shipyards after graduation, CADMATIC  helps them to lay a groundwork for their future career.