CADMATIC expands with new customers

Four new companies have started using CADMATIC Marine Design software: both Era Project and Marine Projects and Technologies LTD are located in Russia, Grandweld Shipyards and Great Waters LLC. are located in the United Arab Emirates.

Era Project is located in Saint Petersburg, Russia. They have purchased multiple Outfitting seats and eBrowser licenses. Era, Electro Radio Automatica, is one of the main partners of shipyards in the northwestern region of Russia. They have many years’ of experience in the field of maritime electrical fitting.

Marine Projects and Technologies LTD (MP&T) is also located in Saint Petersburg, Russia. MP&T operates in the fields of shipbuilding and ship repair. It offers comprehensive services for ship and vessel construction including development and design, supply of materials and equipment, installation and hand-over to customers. They purchased both CADMATIC Hull and Outfitting.

Grandweld Shipyards from Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, has purchased the complete CADMATIC package: Hull, Nesting and Outfitting licenses. Grandweld is a fully integrated shipyard that provides shipbuilding, ship repair and engineering solutions to serve the offshore and marine industry around the world.

Great Waters LLC. is also located in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. They offer unique solutions for the global maritime industry and provide engineering consultancy and project management focused on the needs of the marine, oil and gas industries. Great Waters recently started using CADMATIC Outfitting.

Several CADMATIC users from all over the world have also purchased additional seats, add-on modules or eBrowser licenses. In total, CADMATIC Marine Design Software is now being used by 568 customers in 41 countries.