Drydocks World Dubai signs up to use CADMATIC

CADMATIC has signed a contract for the delivery of 3D design and information management software to Drydocks World Dubai (DDWD). It is an indication of the strong competitive position the company’s modern technology has achieved and represents a breakthrough for CADMATIC in the international Offshore industry.

The delivery includes the design system licenses, system installation, user training as well as support services for over 150 simultaneous users of the software.

The deal was signed after a demanding and thorough technical evaluation that was carried out over several months and included numerous international software suppliers: over 300 software functions and parts were evaluated with regards their suitability to meet DDWD’s operational optimization needs.

The deal is an indication of CADMATIC'S good competitive position in demanding project design and related information management and strengthens CADMATIC'S position in the international offshore business.

Drydocks World Dubai is the largest shipyard in the Middle East that constructs offshore platforms and vessels. One of the most significant projects on which CADMATIC solutions will be used is the BorWin3 platform that will serve in the North Sea. The platform transfers about 900 MW electricity from an offshore wind farm to Germany. The platform will be completed in 2019.

Drydocks World Dubai