CADMATIC Marine Software Solutions for Shipyards - unlock the full power of data-driven shipbuilding

Shipbuilding software solutions

CADMATIC software is widely used by large, medium-sized and small shipyards. The flexibility of the software configuration allows it to be adapted easily for different types of shipyard organizations, production lines, workshops and assembly sites. CADMATIC ensures accurate modelling and document production for ship manufacturing.

Production Information

By creating accurate and exact production information, CADMATIC ensures that yards can easily and efficiently produce ships according to the data extracted from the 3D model. Production information for parts, profiles and pipes cutting and bending data, shell plates bending, panels production packages are easily adapted to the shipyard’s building methods and processes. With the aid of work preparation tools for weld and assembly strategy and integrated work breakdown management, ships can be assembled in the most efficient way possible.

Cooperative Design and Production

CADMATIC software has been designed to efficiently support work sharing between project participants. The software facilitates the simultaneous involvement of as many subcontractors as necessary. New subcontractors can be added with a few mouse clicks via database replication. With CADMATIC, the shipyard maintains full control over the project and can ensure that all involved parties use the correct components and templates. The progress of project work can also be monitored seamlessly in real time.