Cadmatic software for creating 3D models and producing data for production information in shipbuilding projects.

Ship Design Software

In a nutshell, shipbuilding is the design and construction of all kinds of ships like workboats, dredgers, container vessels, tankers, bulk carriers, cruise ships, yachts etc. With Cadmatic, designing all these types of ships is incredibly easy. Cadmatic shipbuilding software was created by engineers, for engineers; with the goal of making the work of every engineer and manager involved in the ship design and production processes as easy and efficient as possible.

Regardless what type of ship you are building, it all starts with initial design, followed by basic design, detailed design and finally ends with production information. Within all of these phases, Cadmatic shipbuilding software offers you excellent tools to design your ship quickly and accurately. Moreover, our easy-to-use project distribution system Co-Designer allows multiple companies within the shipbuilding industry to work together simultaneously on the same project.

Retrofitting using Laser Scan Modeler

Ships that need to be improved with green technologies like ballast water treatment and scrubbers for exhaust gas cleaning, can be retrofitted easily with Cadmatic software. With Cadmatic’s laser scan modeler, you can seamlessly import and use information produced by laser scanners. Utilizing point clouds directly in our familiar design tool makes remodelling an existing engine room layout easy and cost effective.

Cadmatic customers in the shipbuilding Industry

Many loyal customers use Cadmatic shipbuilding software for the design and construction of all kinds of ships. The Damen Group uses Cadmatic for the design of tugboats, offshore vessels, ferries, patrol vessels and many more, while Royal IHC uses it for designing dredgers, heavy-lift vessels, cable-layers etc. Tsuneishi, one of the biggest shipbuilders in the world and one of Cadmatic’s latest customers, is successfully using Cadmatic software to design and build super large bulk carriers and tankers, container ships, and cruise ships.