Weld management and traceability

Interactive tool for visualizing, modifying, organizing and exporting weld data. The tool assists production managers to integrate welding processes into the work breakdown structure, provide detailed instructions to welders during construction and trace the status of welds throughout the project life cycle.

Weld data is created and managed between hull construction parts and structures, and outfitting components, for example, pipe penetrations, foundations, and supports. Welding information and paths can be created automatically in the 3D model according to customizable project rules and settings. Welds are included in the work breakdown of the block structures and assemblies, which allows the user to adjust the building sequence to support automated production processes. Using these tools, drawings can be created easily, and weld data can be exported in Excel format for automatic welding processes and traceability of welds for quality assurance inspections.

Welds can be presented while 3D browsing and inspection data can be added to the 3D viewer eBrowser and eGo, or to the project visualization portal in eShare. This allows welds to be checked on site and the current status of the welds to be tracked during the whole project.