Outfitting Basic Design

Integrated, database-driven design module that provides powerful tools for 3D layout- piping-, HVAC-, electrical- and outfitting structural design of ship and offshore projects.

CADMATIC Outfitting Basic Design consists of efficient modules that help your design team to create complete and accurate 3D outfitting models. The core system for outfitting design is 3D equipment and piping layout. It also includes electrical design, air ducts and HVAC, piping supports, and steel outfitting.

The model can be developed further in the Outfitting Detailed Design module, including extracting complete information for production.

Online clash detection, full integration with Diagram and specification-driven design guarantee high-quality 3D models. Distributed design possibilities with inbuild IPR protection mechanisms allow the inclusion of any design teams or specialists irrespective of their location.

There are numerous interfaces with other software packages, and output can be extracted in any commonly used format and shared with other project stakeholders via an internet portal, where all information about the whole project is stored and visualized in an optimal way.

The database is optimized for marine industry needs and provides exceptional 3D performance without the need for advanced hardware. The complete project can be opened for editing in split second without the need to load separate parts. For review purposes, the model sizes are optimized even further, with file sizes suitable for emailing.

The advanced 3D viewing technique and model database structure keep the design model extremely light and user-friendly even in the biggest and most complicated vessels or offshore models.

Complete integration with CADMATIC Hull Basic Design and Detailed Design modules ensures that both hull and outfitting designers work in the same environment and can easily solve coordination questions.

The user can freely choose to use 3D or 2D views, depending on the tasks at hand. The extensive library of equipment and components can be customized and supplemented with imported units.

During the design phase, the software automatically assigns a lot of information to all objects in the 3D model and takes care of concurrent engineering in the project via object ownership control. For example, a routed pipe automatically has information such as flow directions and information about connections, materials, sizes, ownership, etc. All this data can be utilized when creating piping layout drawings and for the Detailed and Production design phases.

Outfitting Basic Design provides different kinds of automated pipe routing methods that speed up and ease routing. The designer can show only the start and end point for the pipeline and the system creates the whole pipe geometry according to predefined settings.

One of the strongest features in Cadmatic is the ease with which modifications can be made to existing models. Equipment can be moved to a new position without losing the connection to pipes because the system ensures that existing pipe geometries are modified accordingly. This saves a lot of time and effort when project changes are needed.