Laser Scans in Marine Projects

Integrated solution for seamless use of data from laser scanners to 3D models and production data. It boosts the use of laser scanning technologies in design projects. Utilize point clouds directly in 3D with the use of familiar design tools.

Benefit from viewing and examining an existing ship or offshore layout when sketching a new layout, use point clouds as references in measuring and fitting while designing new items in detail or remodeling existing items. When remodelling, you can directly use settings, the library, and components of other CADMATIC modules for the correct attributes and materials.

Key benefits

  • Reduce time for surveys, operational downtime on board, and the need for on-site trip
  • Fewer unknowns and assumptions regarding existing layout, reduction in re-work due to instant availability of accurate dimensions and spatial geometrie
  • Scope of changes can be estimated quickly
  • Lack of as-built electronic documentation available from the owner/operator is no longer a need for concern