Hull production Information

Accurate, automatic and customizable output for hull production suitable for any manufacturing process. It includes interfaces and solutions that support automatic production, prefabrication and assembly lines.

For production engineering, a fully equipped set of work preparation tools is embedded in the CADMATIC Hull Detailed Design module to ensure that the production department receives all the required information, such as part geometries, weld and bevel details, part lists, weights and CoG, profile lists, profile nesting, profile sketches etc. In addition, it contains various build strategy features offering a wide range of possibilities to generate 2D and 3D work breakdown information and sketches.

The Production Information tools streamline the information flow between, engineering, planning, work preparation, and workshops. This speeds up the process of work preparation significantly and shortens the throughput of the ships' assembly stages.

This webinar presents how a shell specialist, an inner structure specialist and a production specialist work together on a same block in CADMATIC Marine Software.