CADMATIC Floorganise

CADMATIC Floorganise applies the capabilities of engineering data and the 3D model for planning & production control.

CADMATIC Floorganise enhances ship (project) planning and control processes as a Ship Production Execution System (MES) through automation and integration of engineering data, the 3D model and available IT systems (e.g. ERP, time & attendance, project planning software).

Planning, production and engineering departments and even the supply chain can work on the same model and create deeper more predictable and detailed plans on the actual 3D model in parallel. This allows for a process that follows the optimized building strategy based on the particulars of both the project as well as the yard. Processes rely on up-to-date integrated and factual data, thereby vastly reducing failure costs.

Create task-level planning based on the work breakdown and BOM from the actual engineering model refined with KPI’s, resources and business logic derived from your own yard. Create kits and work packages, visualize progress status and project risks in 3D but also retrieve daily updates on technical progress and hours worked per individual worker through dedicated modules. All synchronized with your current IT landscape where applicable.

"Every shipbuilding project is unique. However, shipbuilding follows a repetitive process. CADMATIC Floorganise supports this process with a dedicated project life cycle management and planning control setup that matches the logic of your shipyard, infrastructure and division of roles and functions."


Program, project and area management

Daily actuals on progress, changes, risks and performance for:

  • Projects
  • Executing departments
  • Subcontractors
  • Area, block, zone, system, room or deck.

Real-time productivity and performance assessment

Keep track of daily actuals on progress, performance and changes

  • CPI SPI and other EVMS insights
  • Apply the breakdown from project level all the way to root cause
  • Monitor progress, remaining to complete
  • Manage recovery, changes and risks

Production managers, supervisors, trade leads and charge hands

Retrieve a multi-project overview of all relevant activities and priorities

  • See all assigned work and its priorities
  • See all relevant details of work package (material, component, predecessors, successors, scheduled start / finish, budgeted hours, progress)
  • Assess current performance and capacity needs
  • Assess future resource utilization
  • Submit hours, progress, risks, changes and issues

Project planners, work preparation, production planners and PMO

Extend the use of ERP and Primavera P6:

  • Add more detail, dependencies and relations to plans
  • Apply a product breakdown structure for additional smart application
  • Add insights on work package or pallet status and keep track
  • Validate or apply production norms and assess performance
  • Signal relevant changes, issues and risks to mitigate them ASAP