Outfitting and Piping Design

Integrated database-driven design for P&IDs, preliminary and detailed 3D modeling with intuitive tools for designers

CADMATIC Marine Outfitting and Piping is a software suite for concurrent, specification-driven 3D design in distributed, multidisciplinary engineering projects where the software tools constantly facilitate, coordinate and verify the work of individual designers, regardless of where the design teams are located or how big the 3D models are.

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Diagram, P&IDs

Create, manage and modify a wide variety of process flow, schematics, P&IDs, electrical or cabling diagrams.

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Outfitting Basic Design

Integrated, database-driven design module that provides powerful tools for 3D layout- piping-, HVAC-, electrical- and outfitting structural design of ship and offshore projects.

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Outfitting Detailed Design

All the functionality of detailed 3D modeling – creating 3D models, layout of equipment, routing pipes, HVAC and cable trays, structural units, containment management and model templates. Additionally, it includes a full package of modules for generating production information.

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Outfitting production information

Generates various types of data for outfitting production: layout drawings, isometrics, spools, units for prefabrication and direct exports to CNC machines.

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Weld management and traceability

Interactive tool for visualizing, modifying, organizing and exporting weld data. The tool assists production managers to integrate welding processes into the work breakdown structure, provide detailed instructions to welders during construction and trace the status of welds throughout the project life cycle.

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Laser Scans in Marine Projects

Integrated solution for seamless use of data from laser scanners to 3D models and production data. It boosts the use of laser scanning technologies in design projects. Utilize point clouds directly in 3D with the use of familiar design tools.

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Interoperability and eXchangers

Smooth cooperation, integration, and interfacing with other technology suppliers and software systems.

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Distributed Design

Extremely robust yet resource-friendly project distribution system. It enables users to work simultaneously on the same project irrespective of their location. This distribution system suits both large multinational operators and smaller companies.

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CADMATIC Draw is an easy-to-use and intuitive drafting tool with versatile functions. You can design and edit documents in 2D or 3D with familiar CAD functionality and full DWG, DXF, and IFC compatibility.

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Interfaces and file formats

Various eXchangers allow data to be exchanged between different software programs with options to include metadata or keep reference models only. Documents for construction can be output in the most common formats, such as DWG and PDF, and delivered in the required manner.

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