eShare for HoloLens - Marine

eShare for HoloLens is an app that allows the user to interface Microsoft HoloLens* with CADMATIC eShare. It offers an entirely new interactive design and engineering experience in Augmented Reality where digital 3D models reside in the real-world environment.

eShare for HoloLens provides a new way to utilize eShare data. It includes tools for loading the 3D model from the server and using it offline, scaling, moving and aligning the model with real objects, showing attribute data and taking measurements

eShare for HoloLens aims to facilitate project and design reviews in AR, assist production status supervision and comparison of design projects with as-build situation. It also helps users to envision future project designs for discussion with owners and operators and provides the possibility to ensure good ergonomics as well as the training of maintenance and operational staff already during the design phase

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*Microsoft™ and HoloLens™ are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation

Reviewing projects and working on site are the two main use cases of eSHare for HoloLens.

For the project review, designers and stakeholders can use HoloLens to review a 3D model and its associated data. The user can set the desired scale of the model. The miniature model can be viewed on a meeting room table, or the user can walk through the full-size model in an office or any open space.

For on-site work, users can download models for offline use and bring it to the building site. The users can align the model with the actual installations and see proposed changes or future designs on top of the existing environment. Two or more users can create a session simultaneously in the same model and location for a shared experience and collaboration.