eShare – the ultimate information management tool for the marine and offshore industry

Link, visualize, and share ship design, engineering, planning, production, inspection, and operation information in a web-based platform.

CADMATIC eShare is revolutionizing how shipyards, design companies, shipowners and other project participants think about and use design, production and operational ship information. 

eShare’s powerful information linking, visualization and sharing leads to faster and more accurate decision-making.

eShare provides support for the flow of information on any project stage. It facilitates and supports production and installation and improves communication.

eShare - key benefits

  • Access all project data in one place – any data in any database can be linked, searched for, and visualized
  • Make decisions faster & more accurately – the right information is available, all the time, to all project participants
  • Boost efficiency of project progress monitoring by visualizing statuses based on several variables
  • Retain full control over sensitive information: No data relocation or cloud storage. Effective support available whenever needed Independent solution means no reliance on single vendors
  • Easy participation by several project parties using different design and engineering system
  • Solution developed specifically for marine industry needs

The independent web-based portal can link, visualize and share any ship-related information via the 3D model. Download our eShare brochure to find out more.

eShare Webinar

Watch our webinar to learn how eShare can unlock next-level efficiencies, accelerate the time-to-market, drive down costs, shorten lead-times, and reduce quality issues in design, manufacturing, and supply chains.

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Data-driven shipbuilding 

Data quality, consistency, and interconnectivity, as well as the maximized automation of data handling throughout the entire ship design and shipbuilding process are key factors in unlocking greater efficiency, increasing productivity and boosting profitability. 

In data-driven shipbuilding, digital data streams are consistent, reliable, and reusable across disciplines, project phases and ship series

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Digital twin in project life cycle

The vast amounts of information produced during all phases of a project life cycle can be used as building blocks of the vessel’s digital twin.

The information evolves when the project status changes from a concept or basic design to detailed design and production, and asset management.

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Selected eShare use cases

eShare provides support for the flow of information on any project stage. It facilitates and supports production and installation and improves communication.

Examples of use cases include Integrations with ERP, PLM/PDM, CADMATIC Floorganize, work packages and RFID component tracking, as well as project handover and communication within shipyard groups.

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eShare extensions

CADMATIC eGo runs on Windows tablets with offline access to the 3D model and 2D documentation from the eShare server. The model can be updated during on-site visits by e.g. updating statuses and then synced with eShare. 

eShare for HoloLens offers an entirely new interactive design and engineering experience in Augmented Reality where digital 3D models reside in the real-world environment.

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