eBrowser for Marine Industry

Project managers, owners, production workshops and on-site construction staff can benefit from viewing the whole digital twin model in 3D. Details about each object can be retrieved and the visibility of areas and systems controlled.

Customer testimonial: Damen Shipyards Galati

The ultimate project review tool allows users to walk through the 3D model, combine several models in one, or compare models. One can check collisions, easily locate and check details about any object, get dimensions and also make markups for project coordination and change management.

eBrowser can serve as a discussion board – everyone can store their markups with comments about the model or particular parts.

The extremely small file size (about 10Mb per project) that originates from the CADMATIC design application (or converted from another system using our eXchangers) can be reviewed in eBrowser without the need to use or have experience or training in design applications.

Key facts:

  • Small file size that can be sent via email, contains complete 3D model
  • Import models from IFC, 3D DWG and other CAD formats
  • Combine or compare several 3D models
  • Virtually walk through the project, check all the details of any object
  • Check designs for clashes in 3D
  • Use markups for discussions with other project partners
  • Load point clouds to compare new designs and existing structures