Information Management for Marine Industry

Products for visualizing, managing and sharing information in marine projects are key solutions for digitalization in shipbuilding and offshore industries.

Simplify access to data and reduce the risk of uninformed decisions. Avoid expensive mistakes during production or installation with a direct link to design. Information management products allow the user estimate the impact of planned changes and make to ensure that up-to-date information is available when needed.

Information Management product family

A vast amount of information is produced and collected at all stages of a project life cycle. It increases exponentially as the project progresses and evolves when the project status changes from a concept to design and construction, asset management, and maintenance.

The 3D model has a central role and serves as the best window to all project related information and as the digital twin of the project. CADMATIC offers various tools to review 3D models or go beyond to get the most out of your engineering data assets.