Electrical and Automation

CADMATIC Electrical is a comprehensive solution for the different design and documentation needs of electrical and automation engineering in the marine industry: electrical, instrumentation and automation engineering, layout design of switchboards, and the design of electrical arrangement drawings.

CADMATIC Electrical is suitable for a wide range of electrical and automation design needs, such as electrification and instrumentation as well as machine automation and logic design. It can create motor schemas, control schemas and wiring, IO-schemas (PLC and automation controlling systems), process instrumentation, and one-line diagrams, for example. With versatile drawing and editing functions, it is easy to create new electrical documents from scratch. For higher efficiency, all legacy documents with project data can be reused intelligently. Projects can also be generated using template drawings and Information in Microsoft Excel.

Intelligent object and data management supported with easy navigation

All elements like devices, cables etc. in CADMATIC Electrical can have multiple occurrences in different electrical diagrams. With centralized data management, it is considered as one element with several occurrences. You only need to create or import the element once, after the object is created, additional occurrences to other documents can be inserted easily via the project tree, for example. Elements can also have occurrences in electrical arrangement drawings or in cabinet & panel layout drawings. After editing object information via one occurrence, all other occurrences of the same element are updated automatically. With navigation tools, it is easy to find all occurrences regardless of the document type.

Ensure quality with automated reports

All reports in CADMATIC Electrical are automatically generated and can be updated with just 2 clicks. Reports can be generated in list mode in Excel or Pdf or in graphical form in CAD. There are numerous report templates available in CADMATIC Electrical. In addition, the user can easily create their own structured report templates with their own data fields. The report tool allows various filtering and sorting functions to include the data that matters the most.

CADMATIC Electrical deliverables

CADMATIC Electrical deliverables include CAD drawings like single and multi-line diagrams, wiring diagrams, block diagrams, cabinet and panel layout 2D/3D, electrical arrangement drawings, reports like cable schedules, device lists, and bills of materials etc.