Electrical and Automation

CADMATIC Electrical is a comprehensive solution for the different design and documentation needs of electrical and automation engineering: industrial electrical and automation engineering, instrumentation, layout design of switchboards, and project electrification.

CADMATIC Electrical is suitable for a wide range of electrical and automation design needs, such as electrification and instrumentation as well as machine automation and logic design. It can create motor schemas, control schemas and wiring, IO-schemas (PLC and automation controlling systems), process instrumentation, and one-line diagrams, for example. Projects can be generated using template drawings and information in Microsoft Excel.

CADMATIC Electrical is the ideal tool for the design and documentation of energy supply, lightning, heating, process electricity, telecommunication and security systems, among others. Its basic functions include symbols, wirings, cable routes, and centers, for example. It also automatically calculates group lengths, short-circuit currents, outputs and voltage drops, BOM and more.

CADMATIC Electrical: Circuit design

CADMATIC Electrical Bulk editing of project information

Cable Router and Electrical integration