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Design and information management solutions for data-driven shipbuilding

CADMATIC Marine Design software saves time during ship design, engineering, and production and keeps you ahead of the competition. The high-quality engineering information enables greater prefabrication and pre-outfitting of blocks, thereby reducing assembly and building times. Our solution is a specialized CAD/CAM shipbuilding software that supports the whole project life cycle. The solutions have a proven 35-year track record on and are used by the world’s leading shipbuilders.

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With CADMATIC Marine Information Management, our goal is to assist our customers to embrace the immense possibilities offered by advanced digitalization and the digital transformation of the shipbuilding life cycle: Shipyard 4.0.

Smart functionalities are rooted in embedded shipbuilding knowledge, the newest IT advancements, and thorough user experience paths. The core of our solutions supports shipbuilding-specific needs and way of working and provides support for design innovations as well as various shipyard requirements and needs for assembly and production lines.

The role of CAD/CAM in data-driven shipbuilding goes beyond engineering and design; it becomes a dashboard to which information is added on top of the 3D model, resulting in the incremental creation of a digital twin for shipbuilding.