Tsuneishi's digital transformation journey with CADMATIC eGo

Japanese shipyard boosts shipbuilding processes by integrating CADMATIC eGo to streamline production and improve decision-making in shipyard construction.

Customer challenge

  • Adapt to technological shifts and make greater use of intuitive 3D modelling tools
  • Need to streamline design and installation processes
  • Enhance on-site decision-making

Cadmatic solution

  • CADMATIC eGo allows even inexperienced users to visualize complex ship designs, enhancing comprehension and operational efficiency.
  • Use of dynamic 3D model on tablets reduces errors and time needed to interpret designs, especially during assembly & installation.
  • Access to complete 3D models and documentation on-site enables quicker troubleshooting and decision-making.

“The on-site use of CADMATIC eGo allows for quick decision-making. Previously, identifying and resolving discrepancies between paper drawings and the actual work took considerable time."

Tsuneishi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (Tsuneishi), a promoter of digital transformation, has consistently evolved over its more than 100 years of operation into the core corporation in the Japanese shipbuilding industry it is today. A recent chapter in this evolution was the challenge of generational shifts within its workforce, which necessitated a departure from traditional 2D drafting to more interactive and intuitive 3D modeling. As part of this journey, Tsuneishi introduced CADMATIC eGo, which has enabled the integration of digital tools into Tsuneishi's shipbuilding practices.

Tsuneishi is renowned for building high quality bulk carriers, container ships, cruise ships, and other vessels. According to Tsuneishi, the implementation of CADMATIC eGo transformed the company’s approach to ship design and construction. By empowering designers and builders with real-time, on-site access to 3D models, it offered a vivid and interactive way to view and manipulate complex ship components. This shift dramatically reduced the learning curve for newer employees less familiar with traditional drawing methods.

“The integration of CADMATIC eGo was driven by our need to make complex designs more accessible and easier to understand for our younger engineers who are more familiar with digital tools than traditional 2D drawings. It has significantly changed our design processes, making complex structures accessible and easier to manage for our team." – Design Department Manager.

A departure from paper blueprints

The shift to CADMATIC eGo has enabled Tsuneishi to move away from reliance on paper blueprints. This transition has significantly reduced errors associated with the interpretation of traditional drawings, streamlining the assembly and installation processes.

"We changed our installation approach by replacing complicated paper drawings with CADMATIC eGo on tablet devices. Now, our teams can visualize the finished form of a component or section of the ship, which has dramatically decreased the time spent interpreting designs and has increased overall efficiency." – Design Department Manager.

Faster on-site decision-making

The real-time capabilities of CADMATIC eGo have proved invaluable in enhancing on-site decision-making. Teams access complete 3D models and project documentation directly at the shipyard, allowing for immediate adjustments and informed decision-making that keeps projects on track and within budget.

“The on-site use of CADMATIC eGo allows for quick decision-making. Previously, identifying and resolving discrepancies between paper drawings and the actual work took considerable time. Now, we can access complete 3D models and project documentation on-site, facilitating immediate and informed decisions that keep projects on schedule.”

Solving complex problems with color-coding functions

Tsuneishi highly values CADMATIC eGo's color-coding function, which has simplified the display of complex information such as weld leg lengths.

This feature allows workers to easily identify critical elements directly within the 3D model, reducing the need for detailed working drawings and expediting the construction process.

“With color-coding our team can instantly recognize and verify critical details, which assists in ensuring that high-quality construction standards are maintained.”.

Reducing drawing creation time by approx. 80%

According to the Tsuneishi Design Department Manager, eGo’s impact has been profound during the piping arrangement and block inversion stages, where traditional methods are cumbersome and error-prone.

CADMATIC eShare has proved its worth during the piping arrangement phase where it has reduced detail section drawing creation time by approximately 80%. With the search function, we also drastically cut down the time needed to check drawings, which streamlines our entire workflow.” – Design Department Manager.

The use of eGo during block inversion has made understanding and executing complex configurations much simpler and more accurate. The ability to rotate and invert 3D models in the software mirrors the physical processes in the shipyard, providing a coherent and aligned workflow.

Reading RFID tags with eGo to ease pipe installation

Tsuneishi uses the QR code feature in CADMATIC eGo to read RFID tags to instantly get information about which pipes need to be installed and where this should be done.

By reading the barcodes of RFID tags attached to pipes, the Tsuneishi staff can easily locate the pipes in the 3D model, thereby eliminating the possibility of items getting lost and easing the collection and delivery of piping components. According to the Tsuneishi Design Department Manager, this has reduced the number of man-hours used in the factory as well the number of enquiries from the factory to the design department.

“Attaching barcodes to component parts such as piping and reading them in eGo makes it easier to check which item on the model it corresponds to. You can even add barcodes to paper drawings and diagrams and then jump from the document to the corresponding position in the model.” – Design Department Manager.

Future holds greater integration of CADMATIC eShare

Looking forward, Tsuneishi is committed to further integrating CADMATIC eShare into its operational ecosystem. Plans include connecting the software with the drawing management system and purchase ordering system inducing steel ordering to further streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

The Tsuneishi Business Administration department indicate that they are excited about the potential of fully integrating CADMATIC eShare into Tsuneishi’s production systems, which will optimize its resource management and operational efficiency.

Tsuneishi’s adoption of CADMATIC eShare is a testament to its commitment to maintaining industry leadership through technological innovation. By embracing digital tools, Tsuneishi is not only improving its internal processes but also setting new industry standards for efficiency, quality, and adaptability in shipbuilding.

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