Tsuneishi Shipbuilding

370 Tsuneishi Shipbuilding employees use Cadmatic

Japanese shipbuilding company uses Cadmatic for concurrent design at four sites in Japan, the Philippines and China

Customer challenge

  • Need for four geographically separated sites to coordinate design work so that each design center can carry out design work in real-time. 

Cadmatic solution

  • Cadmatic's distributed design system allows seamless and efficient distribution of design projects. Designers from different sites can work simultaneously on the same project. 

"By utilizing digital technology, we have established a concurrent design system that allows the four sites to work together and in parallel."

Tsuneishi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. has revealed that Cadmatic's 3D shipbuilding design system is used by 370 users within the group. In addition to Tsuneishi HQ, the company has design offices and production sites in the Philippines and China.

The company is promoting the digitalization of design so that each design center can carry out design work in real-time and is also expanding the use of design data at the building site.

The company revealed an overview of its Cadmatic use on LinkedIn on 2 November 2023. It uses CADMATIC Hull for hull design, CADMATIC Outfitting for outfitting, and CADMATIC Electrical for electrical design, with a total of 370 internal users. The number of users of the Cadmatic information management systems CADMATIC eGo, CADMATIC eShare and CADMATIC eBrowser, which are used to utilize 3D model data on the production floor, has increased to 230.

Tsuneishi Shipbuilding currently has design subsidiaries in Cebu, Philippines, Shanghai, China and Zhoushan, China, in addition to its domestic design headquarters, with a total of four bases carrying out design work.

By utilizing digital technology, the company has established a concurrent design system that allows these sites to work together and in parallel. By operating design work online and converting drawings to 3D, design instructions can be given in real time, and the progress of each person in charge can be monitored. The shift to using tablets to check 3D design data is also underway at manufacturing sites.

At the Cadmatic Digital Wave Forum, Tsuneishi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. shared their journey with Cadmatic, unveiling a vision for future data-driven shipbuilding and their initial impression of CADMATIC Wave. Watch the video interview to explore innovation in shipbuilding!

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