Su Ship Design – Multidisciplinary design excellence

Advanced detail design of the service operation vessel GROENEWIND

Turkish ship design, engineering, and consulting company uses CADMATIC for demanding detailed design projects. 

Customer challenge

  • Need to complete detail design efficiently and update designs quickly when revisions are made.

CADMATIC solution

  • CADMATIC used for all detailed design. High level of topology means that design revisions can be implemented quickly and accurately.

“With CADMATIC it’s a big plus how easy and quickly revisions can be made" – Burak Acar

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Su Ship Design is a multidisciplinary ship design, engineering, and consulting company from Altinova Turkey. They handle all the detail design tasks for Cemre Shipyard, among others, and use CADMATIC for all detail design.

Su Ship Design’s services cover a truly wide scope with a focus on quality and attention to every detail. They do concept design, basic design, detail design for structure & outfitting as well as machinery & piping.

The company is also a registered R&D center and has recently published its first two scientific publications. According to Burak Acar, Head of Sales and Marketing at Su Ship Design, they have several more scientific publications in the pipeline.


A recent demanding project completed by Su Ship Design was the detail and advanced detail design of the service operation vessel GROENEWIND. The Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull (SWATH) vessel is deployed for wind farm maintenance activities, where the SWATH design ensures low wave impact compared to traditional monohull SOVs.

The detail hull design, HVAC modelling, piping modelling and electrical cable tray modelling of the vessel were all done with CADMATIC.

According to Burak, the fact that the vessel was the first of its kind added a significant layer of complexity to the project.

“CADMATIC assisted us to manage the demanding design tasks in this project. The software has strong detail design features. 3D modelling is probably the best feature of CADMATIC and it’s also a big plus how easy and fast revisions can be made,” says Burak.