Sea Tech – Working in a pandemic

Remote distributed design with CADMATIC solutions

Design company uses CADMATIC to organize and manage remote working during Covid-19 pandemic

Customer challenge

  • Covid-19 pandemic required remote working on ship design projects. Need to quickly and seamlessly transition to working from home. 

CADMATIC solution

  • CADMATIC CoDesigner used to distribute work. Users can work from home via a remote desktop to an office computer or connect directly to a server.

"CADMATIC solutions have performed better in preparing for the pandemic and its consequences than most software manufacturers."

In this article, Sea Tech, the official partner of CADMATIC in Russia, shares their experience of remote working using CADMATIC Marine solutions. Text by Nikolay Tyulyapkin, Ekaterina Burmistrova, and Vladimir Topchiy.

2020 was quite a tough challenge for the world and the shipbuilding industry in particular. The SeaTech group has been able to successfully make the switch to remote working, largely thanks to many years of partnership and extensive experience with the capabilities of CADMATIC Marine software. This has reduced health risks to employees while maintaining efficiency.

CADMATIC's digital and intelligent 3D-based design, engineering and information management software solutions are suitable for the tasks of shipbuilding design organisations. The integrated ship model created in CADMATIC displays all systems and structures. This makes it possible to regulate the arrangement of the various elements, to monitor compliance with layout rules and regulations, and to produce final construction documents for the yard.

All project participants work together according to the following scheme. The server itself with the mathematical model is located in the office while the access to it from other computers is organized over LAN. Users have the option of working from home via a remote desktop to an office computer or connecting directly to a server.

Sea Tech design bureau offers its services in shipbuilding design, engineering and consultancy and elaborates planning and workshop drawings for construction of various vessels. We are actively engaged with our colleagues from Russia as well as from South Africa, Turkey and European countries and are working together on ongoing projects.

The ship is broken down into logical blocks, which are handed over to partner companies for detailed development. Work on the model runs simultaneously in different directions as the data is synchronised with servers in other organizations.

This way, the use of CADMATIC software fully organizes the entire scope of work from detailed design to construction.

Adjusting to a new reality

Since the beginning of March 2020, almost all design and engineering companies have found themselves in a similar situation. The pandemic restrictions were expected to last a couple of weeks but by the time this article is was published, the situation with closed borders and remote working has lasted almost 12 months.

Now, a year later, we can finally say which of the industry changes the experts predicted at the beginning of the pandemic, came true and which didn't. The 2020 outcome showed that engineering had not diminished its effectiveness and was able to achieve long-lasting performance despite new global challenges.

As a result, it became clear that engineering had a much better chance of adapting to the new reality than other industrial areas. CADMATIC solutions have performed better in preparing for the pandemic and its consequences than most software manufacturers. By the time Covid-19 began disrupting the way of working and living, CADMATIC already had a well-established system of remote working that had been built up over a decade. Distributed design was originally required to facilitate the work of remote project teams with the necessary skills and disciplinary knowledge, and which were often located in different offices and countries. However, it was of great importance for vendors to spontaneously develop working solutions as they had not invested heavily in remote sharing.

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