Sea Master

The engineering and design company Sea Master is based in El Puerto de Santa María in the south of Spain.

The engineering and design company Sea Master is based in El Puerto de Santa María in the south of Spain. They are currently using CADMATIC for the hull detail design of a 1.800 passenger capacity ferry. CADMATIC software was implemented quickly at Sea Master and has reduced the delivery time of projects considerably. That is why Sea Master will continue working with CADMATIC in future projects and recommends CADMATIC without reservations.

Sea Master recommends CADMATIC without reservations

Sea Master is located in El Puerto de Santa María in the south of Spain. The company’s other offices are located in Madrid and Cartagena. It provides engineering and design services for the concept, basic and detailed design phases of marine and industrial projects. Sea Master also offers special services such as 3D scanning solutions, heavy transportation and lifting engineering, and advanced engineering. Sea Master Consulting & Engineering is always looking for new solutions, especially in the complex marine design field. That is why they looked into the use of a new software package to increase their competitiveness. In 2016, Sea Master selected and implemented CADMATIC Marine Design Software. The expectation was that CADMATIC Software would reduce the company’s delivery times. “In this regard, CADMATIC has perfectly fulfilled our expectations,” says Sea Master Technical Manager, José Manuel Flores. Mr. Flores’ main priority is to ensure that the quality of the work meets the required standards and complies with the appropriate regulations. His principal tasks include maintaining current knowledge and analyzing the capabilities for the department as well as informing and supporting project managers and engineers / specialists. He has been working with CADMATIC software for a while now and is very satisfied with the results.

Good user experience

The Sea Master engineers working with the software have been trained by one of CADMATIC’s experienced trainers. “After a short training course at the basic level, adoption of the software is very fast and fairly smooth,” Mr. Flores says. “Users quickly learn how the program works and the program interface really helps the learning process”. According to Mr. Flores CADMATIC offers a much better experience compared to other Naval Design programs.

“The 3D view and the ease of moving and copying elements within the Hull Structure model speed up the process significantly. The class drawings can be made simultaneously with the modelling process throughout the complete construction process, from basic design up to production information.”

Highly complex passenger ship project

Sea Master is currently responsible for the complete concept, basic and hull detail design of a passenger ship that can hold a maximum amount of 1.800 passengers. According to Mr. Flores, this is one of the most complex designs that Sea Master has ever worked with.

“There are very strict regulations we must adhere to, like SRtP regulations where a passenger ship is designed in a way that the essential systems remain operational after a fire or flood and is able to proceed to a port on its own.”

Reducing delivery times

CADMATIC offers 3D solutions that increase business efficiency, which is something that Mr. Flores agrees with. “CADMATIC Marine Design Software’s strengths are its speed, practicality and simplicity. It stands out in this very competitive shipbuilding market”. The software offers a lot of advantages in comparison to other software packages, but most of all it reduces delivery times a lot. Mr. Flores is also very satisfied with the support they receive whenever there is something that they need assistance with.

“All the support that CADMATIC provides can be defined as prompt and diligent”. He would recommend CADMATIC software to anyone “without any doubts”.
José Manuel Flores, Technical Manager at Sea Master.