Pella Sietas

A loyal CADMATIC user

Pella Sietas, located in Hamburg, Germany, is one of the earliest CADMATIC users. With more than 350 years of experience in shipbuilding, the company develops and manufactures ships like heavy lift vessels, tugboats, offshore vessels, and ferries. Retrofitting and supplying in cooperation with other shipyards is also part of their business. We briefly spoke to Mr. Harry Ehlert about their use of CADMATIC.

Pella Sietas has been a CADMATIC user for decades. They have used the CADMATIC Hull application for more than 25 years. In 1998, when CADMATIC Hull was already in use, they started looking for a suitable 3D CAD system. After testing several systems, it was decided to also start using CADMATIC Outfitting software. The integration with the Hull application and the very easy handling were key factors in this decision.

An Offshore Windfarm Installation designed with CADMATIC.

Satisfied user

Harry is the administrator for CADMATIC Outfitting and is busy customizing the administration of the CADMATIC database, Interfaces to Hull, CAM, and ERP. He has been satisfied with CADMATIC for years and sees a big difference compared to other software: “The main difference between CADMATIC and other software is the very efficient visualization and navigation in the 3D model. For outfitting tasks, it is very comfortable and it makes it easy to keep the focus on project tasks, instead of using the time for navigation”. “And with CADMATIC, you can manage any challenge,” Harry states, referring to a recent offshore windfarm vessel in which all components needed to be assigned to their right installation/assembly phase.

A Harbour Ferry designed with CADMATIC.

A better overview

For Pella Sietas, CADMATIC has improved their work significantly. Features like inline equipment for the basic layout, piping, and isometrics & spools are greatly appreciated. The software gives them a better overview of all the materials in the 3D model and allows them to use the benefits of CAM. This goes for both hull parts and pipes. “Actually, CADMATIC helped us to be more open-minded with regards the integration of ERP systems and other systems in the future,” Harry says.

A Hopper Dredger designed with CADMATIC.

Many benefits for the business

Tools like the eBrowser and Co-Designer are also widely used at Pella Sietas. eBrowser is used throughout the whole company to reduce the amount of drawings. It is also used by customers and sub-contractors. “Like all software, improvements and adaptions could always be made according to our needs, but overall it is very easy to use and works well. I think companies that do their own engineering and production, engineering site offices, or even companies that do not do their own engineering will benefit greatly by using CADMATIC software,” Harry concludes.

Key facts

Location: Hamburg, Germany
Since: 1635
About: Pella Sietas offers ship concept and ship design, basic design, detail design, nesting and coding, plasma cutting and deforming, section and block construction, dock assembly and commissioning and testing. At the shipyard, ships up to 180 meters long, 38 meters wide and with weights up to 12,000 tons can be built.