Nevsky Shipyard

Nevsky Shipyard gains project efficiency with CADMATIC.

Nevsky Shipyard LLC is one of the oldest water transport enterprises in the northwest of Russia. It was founded in 1913 as a repair workshop and started shipbuilding in 1952. With the advantageous location of the shipyard on the “Volga-Baltic Waterway”, the shipyard is able to repair and carry out maintenance work of vessels passing by. The company implemented CADMATIC in 2015 and has been able gain project efficiencies, in particular, by distributing design to different locations.

Since 2005, Nevsky shipyard has been building vessels for foreign customers. Today, the shipyard is able to build vessels with deadweights of up to 10,000t, lengths of up to 150m and widths of up to 23m. One of the most important divisions of Nevsky Shipyard is its design department. Its over 50 highly qualified professionals ensure the implementation of the real-time innovative technical solutions.

CADMATIC implementation in 2015

Nevsky Shipyard chose CADMATIC Marine Design Software in 2015 after comparison with other software packages. At the time, Nevsky Shipyard was working on an online project with different companies worldwide. The shipyard needed a solution to solve the challenges associated with simultaneously working from different locations, as well as for the mobility and accessibility of big data. CADMATIC proved to be the ideal solution. After software installations and training, CADMATIC was used for 3D modeling and design documentation of a design project for a series of four rescue tugs (MPSV12). The MPSV12 project was commissioned by the Federal Agency for Marine and River Transport of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. The project included four multifunctional small-draft rescue tugs. Each ship is equipped with an energy plant with two diesel engines with a maximum capacity of 2,600kW and two bow thrusters with adjustable pitch propellers of 790kW. Dual dynamic positioning systems provide ships with accurate positioning for different operating modes. The four vessels are set to fulfil tasks such as firefighting of burning fuel, oil, and liquidation spills as well as rescues.

Distributing design globally

Nevsky Shipyard worked with Eltechcom-Volga and the central design bureau “Baltsuudoproekt” on the MPSV12 project. The three companies worked on the project simultaneously; as the project developed, more data was created and updated. Therefore, the integrity of the project data became extremely challenging. CADMATIC’s Distributed Design solution (CoDesigner) solved this challenge by providing Nevsky Shipyard with a smart database-centric client server system. With CADMATIC CoDesigner, all project parties on the MPSV12 project were able to store 3D ship models, documents and component libraries in master and replica databases. Modifications made by either of the companies could be checked immediately by the other two via the Internet. Designers from the 3D design, electrical design and construction & equipment design departments were, thus, able to work seamlessly and simultaneously on the project.

Sharing 3D project information effortlessly

The accessibility of project data for all the project partners was an important factor in achieving a successful outcome for the MPSV12 project. Nevsky Shipyard was responsible for creating project documentation and building the ships. CADMATIC’s eBrowser project review tool allowed the shipyard to control the design process and easily verify documentation produced by Baltsuudoproekt. “CADMATIC eBrowser allowed us to view the 3D models easily. Not only the designers from our design & engineering department but also shipowners and shipyards find it a useful and convenient tool to use while installing the systems and equipment on a vessel,” says Guselnikova Elvira, Development Engineer of the Systems and Machinery Bureau in the Design & Engineering Department, Nevsky Shipyard LLC.

A new project using CADMATIC

Nevsky Shipyard is currently using CADMATIC Hull for the design of a self-propelled dry cargo vessel. The two cargo holds will be 141m long, 16.98 wide and 6m high. The shipyard has already designed the mortgage and related section using CADMATIC.