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World’s largest ethane carrier designed with CADMATIC.

HB Hunte Engineering has delivered the design for Ethane Carriers ECOSTAR 36K with “Svelte”-bow design and ECOSTAR 85K a while ago, the world largest Ethylene Carrier ever built in the world. The ECOSTARS were developed by HB Hunte Engineering, in cooperation with Hartmann Reederei of Leer. The complete detailed basic design of both types of Ethane Carriers were done in CADMATIC.

Designing a complete gas tanker in CADMATIC

HB Hunte Engineering explains the process from the beginning. Mr. Frerk Brand, Managing Director of HB Hunte, says: “the ship owner wants to carry big volumes of a special gas range and needed an optimized vessel for this special trade”. Within given restrictions, HB Hunte developed and proposed a ship design to the ship owner. “We did the hull lines and stability calculations and started the main calculations, as well as the design and construction to ensure that the project was feasible”. Eventually, HB Hunte delivered the basic design for the ships, which included the hull line design and optimization, propulsion optimization including the rudder design and arrangement, as well as the accompanying model tests. The gas plant design was also done by HB Hunte in cooperation with the ship owner. “CADMATIC is a useful tool for detailed basic design. We are the only design company that has designed a complete gas tanker in CADMATIC, which means the complete ship structure, machinery plant, gas plant and gas tanks. This minimizes the interfaces and reduces coordination problems and mistakes”, says Mr. Brand about using CADMATIC.

The unique “Svelte”-bow design

The basic design done by HB Hunte is unique and differs from every other ethane carrier, since its superstructure is located at the bow. This arrangement results in an optimized distribution of weight and therefore, a reduced demand for ballast water. This new so-called “Svelte”-bow design improves seakeeping at a higher transit speed and reduces fuel consumption and emissions at the same time.

Cargo hold completely done in CADMATIC

After the basic design phase was finished, the project was split and HB Hunte worked together with a Chinese partner, where HB Hunte took care of the complete cargo hold area. “We did the complete 3D structural design including saddle bearings, anti-floating protections, gas plant foundations etc. with CADMATIC Hull”, says Mr. Brand, “the complete gas plant design and engineering including 3D routing and coordination of the ship and gas plant system in and above the cargo hold area were done with CADMATIC Outfitting.” For the 85K HB Hunte will partner up with a Chinese company that will also use CADMATIC. This eases the cooperation tremendously. “Our Chinese partner will take over the complete hull model after our scope is finished”.

ECOSTAR 36K and 85K

The first three vessels of the ECOSTAR 36K series® have been ordered to be built at the Chinese shipyard Sinopacific. Also, five of the ECOSTAR 85K vessels have been ordered by the United Ethane Carriers (UEC), based in Singapore. The ECOSTAR 36K ethane carriers offer a maximum cargo capacity of 36.000 cubic meters while the 85K has a maximum capacity of 85.000 cubic meters. This makes them the largest ethane carriers in the world. The design of the 36K is already finished and it is currently being constructed. At the time of writing the design of the 85K was about 70 to 80 percent completed. When it is finished, it will also be built at a Chinese shipyard.

The Brand family and HB Hunte Engineering

HB Hunte Engineering, located in Oldenburg, Germany, was founded by the Brand family in the 1990s. It is run by Hartwig and Frerk Brand. They offer maritime services for the shipbuilding and offshore industry and are specialized in the design and construction of gas carriers and plants. They have been using CADMATIC since 1999.

The ECOSTAR 85K in the CADMATIC eBrowser

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