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Making things possible with HilTop in basic design

In early 2014 Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft (FSG) received an extraordinarily challenging design order for a 130m Gas-Electric RoPAX ferry. Even for a company with 143 years’ of experience in shipbuilding the completion of such a design in six weeks, as per the customer requirement, was exceptionally demanding. Under the leadership of Steel Design Manager, Markus Brinkmann, the company took up the challenge. The CADMATIC HilTop basic design module played a crucial role in allowing FSG to undertake the demanding design project.

FSG were tasked with preparing an extensive offer for a 130 by 22 meter Gas-Electric RoPAX ferry for 145 cars and 600 passengers, within six weeks from scratch. The potential client required a main frame drawing and deck plans in the offer.

FSG decided that there wasn’t enough time to wait for a stable 2D GA whilst there was a necessity to check the available space for lifts, stairs, engines, etc. Therefore, the decision was taken to start modeling in 3D directly. The 3D modeling had to be able to cope with the fact that during this development phase the length, breadth, hull form, deck positions, wall positions, etc. changed often and the drawings had to be modified accordingly.

3D modeling in the basic design phase

CADMATIC Hull has developed a highly advanced module for the basic design phase. The module, named HilTop, is an addition to the topological structure in CADMATIC Hull. It adds a higher level to the topology to which drawings and structures can be related. A combination of reference planes and parameters allows the user to easily create and alter a design. This is especially useful in the basic design phase where the design changes often.

“The use of reference planes and parameters allowed us to create a 3D design in days instead of weeks.”

HilTop implementation in the FSG yard

Markus Brinkmann, Steel Design Manager, from Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft decided to pilot the Hiltop module in the yard’s tenders.

“The implementation of the HilTop module itself is easy as it is an addition to the existing CADMATIC Marine Design software”, Markus Brinkmann explains. “It only takes a short time to get used to reference planes – virtual planes to which drawings and structures can be related – and parameters. The way CADMATIC Marine has set up the topological structure is almost self-explanatory and we therefore could start quickly with the pilot.”

The use of reference planes are the basis of HilTop

Advantages of the Hiltop module

“The use of reference planes and parameters allowed us to create a 3D design in days instead of weeks. The advantage of HilTop is that by using reference planes the entire vessel and all drawings and the structure are related. By using parameters to change the model the entire structure is altered with a few entries and mouse clicks. This allowed us to create multiple designs out of just one model”, says Mr. Brinkmann.

A view of the RoPAX ferry model created with HilTop

Shipbuilders since 1872

Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft (FSG) is with 143 years of experience in shipbuilding and with over 760 delivered vessels an experienced shipbuilder. The shipyard, located in the north of Germany, focuses mainly on the design and production of ferries, offshore vessels, naval ships and special cargo vessels. FSG is renowned for its innovative designs and R&D developments in the shipbuilding industry.