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CADMATIC: New solution to sustain Drydocks World Dubai’s core engineering business

In order to find the best software solution for their specific engineering requirements, the Engineering Department at Drydocks World Dubai (DDW-D) conducted thorough research on available design software in the industry. CADMATIC was selected by DDW-D based on its capabilities and user-friendliness. DDW-D purchased CADMATIC software in April 2015 as part of business transformation through a continuous innovation program.

In less than one year, the Engineering Department has achieved following with CADMATIC.

  • Installation of CADMATIC modules on about 170 top-notch workstations
  • Basic and advanced training
  • Set up outfitting and structural databases
  • 3D modeling and production documentation of about 6400 tons of steel for the Borwin 3 HVDC platform
  • Started 3D modeling and design documentation for a Rig Integrity Assurance Program (RIAP Yemillah)
  • Started 3D modeling and design documentation for Excelerate Energy’s FSRU fleet.

Welding traceability

DDW-D and CADMATIC are working together to develop one of the best, most complex and complete welding management tools, which will provide all clients with a vast amount of valuable welding data information, create transparency in terms of NDT costs and considerably reduce the amount of man-hours spent by yards to complete the entire traceability process.

  • General concept of welding traceability process

Engineering: 3D modeling /welding mapping and welding report uploaded into ERP Mariner (ERP Mariner: Enterprise Resource Planning program, developed by DDW-D based on ORACLE database)

Fabrication: Preparing and executing welding data and uploading information into ERP Mariner

QC Inspection: Inspecting and uploading welding data into ERP Mariner

Client Final Dossier: All weld data is downloaded from ERP Mariner and submitted to clients at the end of the project together with other supporting documents.

  • Engineering Process
  • 3D modeling of welding joints
  • Definition of inspection categories inside weld manager based on approved NDT plan
  • Production of welding traceability mapping drawings using CADMATIC
  • Updating of weld manager related sheet numbers of newly created mapping drawings
  • Exporting block-wise weld data to MS Excel list
  • Uploading MS Excel welding list to DDW-D Mariner ERP software
  • Fabrication process

The fabrication department is responsible for transferring joint numbers from engineering Weld Traceability Mapping drawings to welding traceability maintenance.

Checking applicable places, UT lamination checking, MPI on bevels and/or dimensional checking is completed before offering joints to QC for fit-up inspections.

  • QC Inspection Process

The QC department manually updates the Mariner Modules with fit-up report numbers, dates of inspection and welding status as soon as inspections are over. Hard copies of inspection reports are filled in as required.

  • Client Final Dossier

When projects are fully completed, The QC Department hands over to clients with the Classification Society and all contractual documentations of the project including welding traceability with the following inspection categories.

With the help of a modern welding traceability system, DDW-D is able to manage a large amount of welding data (approx. 200k joints per project) with almost no human errors. Hence, efficiency and productivity reduces the costs of the entire welding process

Drydocks World Dubai is the largest and most comprehensive Ship Repair, Rig & Offshore units, Conversion and New Building yard between Europe and the Far East. Strategically located close to approximately half of the world’s oil deposits and major natural gas reserves, it is easily reachable from trading routes between the Arabian Gulf, Far East, Western Europe and the USA.

Drydocks World Dubai

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