Dalian Maritime University – Cadmatic in computer-aided ship manufacturing courses

Graduates entering Chinese marine industry with Cadmatic skills

Chinese university uses Cadmatic  for computer-aided ship manufacturing courses.

Customer challenge

  • Provide students with modern and intuitive software to understand 2D drawings, ship structures as well as topological 3D design.

Cadmatic solution

  • Cadmatic supports education by providing educational software and establishing the Cadmatic Lab at the university. 

"I highly appreciate the cooperation with Cadmatic. They have contributed to and supported the education a lot." – Shewen Liu, Principal of Dalian Maritime University

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Cadmatic was implemented at the China Dalian Maritime University in 2009. Starting from 2014, students have used Cadmatic for their computer-aided ship manufacturing courses.

The university also established a Cadmatic Lab in 2018. Students that have graduated from the university have already started working in key companies in the Chinese marine industry such as the China Classification Society, SDARI, Shanghai Jiangnan Shipyard and Guangdong Shipyard.

China Dalian Maritime University (DMU) is a key maritime institution under the Ministry of Transport in the People’s Republic of China. The Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Education, China’s State Oceanic Administration, the Peoples’ Government of Liaoning Province and the Dalian Municipal Government have agreed to develop the University.

DMU is regarded as “the Cradle of Navigators” and is a well-known higher maritime institution in China. DMU enjoys an excellent reputation internationally as a center of maritime education and training. DMU is also recognized by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Students at their workstations
Students using Cadmatic in class.

Positive feedback from students and staff

Cadmatic’s 3D design concept and the positive influences of 3D modeling on education are the main reasons for the university’s cooperation with Cadmatic. Since introducing Cadmatic at the university, students have been very complimentary in their feedback.

"Cadmatic has contributed to and supported education a lot by establishing the Cadmatic Lab."

Cadmatic 3D models help the students to understand 2D drawings, ship structures as well as topological 3D design. The first online CAD Marine Engineering course was started in December 2018 on the famous e-learning platform in Chin, which is the first step to bringing the cooperation online.

“First of all, as the principal of Dalian Maritime University, Faculty of Marine & Offshore Engineering, I highly appreciate the cooperation with Cadmatic. By establishing the Cadmatic Lab and providing Cadmatic educational software, Cadmatic has contributed to and supported the education a lot. Having worked in the marine and offshore industries for a long time, I believe Cadmatic’s advanced 3D design concept perfectly meets the current shipbuilding trends. Our students, who will later work in ship design, are benefiting from Cadmatic. I hope we can deepen the cooperation with Cadmatic to nurture students with a worldwide vision and strong professional skills for the marine industries,” says Shewen Liu, Principal of Dalian Maritime University.
Cadmatic lab - Large room with workstations
The Cadmatic Lab at the university.

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