Outfitting and Piping Design

Integrated database-driven design for P&IDs, preliminary and detailed 3D modeling, pre-outfitting and production data

CADMATIC Marine Outfitting and Piping offers specification-driven 3D design in distributed, multidisciplinary engineering projects where the software tools constantly facilitate, coordinate, and verify the work of individual designers, regardless of where the design teams are located or how big and complex the 3D models are.

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The database and specification-driven system allows simple machinery layout, piping, and outfitting design where the correct components, materials, and sizes are automatically selected.

The intelligent integration between P&IDs and the 3D model ensures that all materials remain synced and up to date throughout. CADMATIC Outfitting and Piping Design is integrated with CADMATIC Hull 3D design and engineering applications, thereby ensuring consistent and error-free designs across all design and production phases.

It is easy to learn and the fastest to implement on the market. The flexible, open, and customizable products are backed up with the best and most efficient customer support services in the industry. Contact us to start a software trial today to see how our products and services deliver on these promises!