CADMATIC empowers sustainable shipbuilding

Green solutions require support from design technologies and tools. Decades of in-built shipbuilding practices, close cooperation with customers, efficiently implemented technology, and preparedness for the future are the main pillars of CADMATIC R&D. At CADMATIC, we aim for continuous resource optimization for shipyards and ship design companies based on the application of modern technology in shipbuilding practices. Shipbuilding is a team sport with high levels of competition. It is a field where innovation meets technology. The creativity of vessel design and ship arrangements must include support for the green future of shipping, reduced emissions, and aim at the highest possible fuel efficiency.

Detail design of the service operation vessel GROENEWIND

Ship sailing

A recent demanding project completed by Su Ship Design was the detail and advanced detail design of the service operation vessel GROENEWIND. The Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull (SWATH) vessel is deployed for wind farm maintenance activities, where the SWATH design ensures low wave impact compared to traditional monohull SOVs.

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Midcon Designer Ltd – “Hydrogen-ready” Hydra showcases design excellence

Ropax ship

In August 2021, Norwegian operator Norled took delivery of the “hydrogen-ready” Hydra, a double-ended Ro-Pax ferry and one of the first passenger vessels designed with capabilities for liquid hydrogen propulsion. The basic design of the vessel was developed together by LMG Marin and Midcon Designer Ltd (Midcon) from Poland with CADMATIC software.

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Goltens – Global turnkey 3D scanning solutions for BWTS and retrofit projects

Goltens Groningen crew

Goltens Groningen has completed over 380 BWT projects. One of the latest projects was the installation of ballast water treatment for the HNLMS Snellius, a hydrographic survey vessel of the Royal Dutch Navy. For this project, Royal Niestern Sander did the installation, making use of eBrowser as well.

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Glosten – CADMATIC helps Glosten think in 3D

Sip in harbour

CADMATIC was used for the midlife refit of three global class research vessels of the US Academic Research Fleet. The projects entail a lot – repowering, replacement, refurbishment of shipboard equipment and replacement of technically obsolete shipboard machinery etc.

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Does one ship pollute as much as 50 million cars?

ship's barrel

An eye-catching headline that has done the rounds in LinkedIn’s marine community suggested that one ship emits as much sulphur as 50 million cars. Another frequently seen statement is that the sixteen worst offending vessels create as much pollution as all the cars on the planet combined. Can this really be true?

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Towards zero-emission maritime traffic

Ship on the sea

Ever-tightening environmental regulations, combined with the pressure to lower fuel costs, have made wind power an attractive option as transport energy for ships. Emission reduction targets force the development and application of new environmentally friendly technologies, such as wind power in shipping.

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