Production Information

The production and outfitting of the ship at the yard is the final step before launching the vessel. In this final phase CADMATIC saves man-hours and reduces material costs by providing accurate data to the yard. The production data is automatically extracted from the 3D model at the latest possible stage, thereby ensuring that all modifications are included.

Machine-ready output

Production data can be fed directly into cutting, bending and welding machines to speed up production. Curved shell plates are mathematically calculated and take elongation into account for an exact plate. The geometry of the bending templates is generated automatically and can be nested in CADMATIC and cut with a milling machine. Pin jig tables are calculated from the same 3D model.

For piping and outfitting CADMATIC outputs manufacturing information such as cutting lists, surface treatment, welds, total weight and centre of gravity and automatically created isometrics to be used in the pipe shop. Pipe bending data is calculated directly from the 3D model and is available for CNC pipe bending machines.

Empowered to start building

CADMATIC offers yards a work-breakdown manager to sketch a build strategy to save even more man-hours. This empowers the yard to start building the moment the data is extracted from CADMATIC.

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Production Information
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